tisdag 24 maj 2011

Helsinki World Design Capital

Det gick inte att ta miste på glöden hos de 20 anställa i kansliet som nu för Helsingfors mot 2012 och deras år som World Design Capital.

More to come...Helsinki World Design Capital

Team building trip by ship to Stockholm by most of the 20 skilled persons working in the Helsinki World Design Capital team - all from program to webb directors. As usual many females good at projects and multi tasking, remember this situation from the Design Year 2005 in Sweden. Många bollar i luften, as we say

Robin Edman, Svid and Pekka Timonen, Executive Director of  Helsinki World Design Capital

Pekka Timonen, inspiring leader of the Helsinki World Deign Capital tells us of all the projects, goals, and impressive involvement from companies and decision makers in the process of change through Design in the world design capital.

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