tisdag 28 december 2010

Happy New Year from Skeppsholmen

Outside our office: Thomas Bernstrands yellow umbrella (for Nola) covered by snow, still reminding us of the summer to come. Looking forward to talk to you all again in 2011! Happy New Year

tisdag 21 december 2010

Save the date 8 of February

Make sure to mark your calenders  and join us for all of our events on February 8 in connection with the Stockholm Design Week. At the Furniture Fair itself, we inaugurate the UNG Swedish Design exhibition at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and in the evening we move on to Berns Salonger for a full night:

Closing the Material Gap – Behave!
A  special talk on future materials during Stockholm Design Week. Arik Levy, the guest of honor at Stockholm Furniture Fair, will together with researchers and fellow designers share insights and visions on the behavior of materials.
Time: 18.00 – 19.30, Tuesday February 8
Place: Kammarsalen på Berns, Berzelii Park, Stockholm
The design industry is confronted with the challenge of finding a new path for a more sustainable development. One way to achieve this is through new and more sustainable materials. But how do we want future materials to behave?
The discussion is part of a long term process to bring disciplines and knowledge together. The aim is to create a platform for creative collaboration between researchers and practitioners.
 In the Panel:
- Arik Levy, designer, technician, artist, photographer, filmmaker. www.ariklevy.fr
- Marie-Louise Ainalem, resarcher and director’s scientific assistant at European Spallation Source/ESS AB. www.esss.se
- Tom Dixon, industrial designer and creative director to the Tom Dixon. www.tomdixon.net
- Fredrika Gullfot, entrepreneur/researcher and CEO at Simris Alg.
 Moderator: Mark Isitt, writer/journalist.

Arranged by:
Svensk Form  www.svenskform.se  The Antonia Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Sustainable Development  www.axtalk.se, Bioinspired Forum  http://www.bioinspiredforum.com/

Form party and PechaKucha Night Stockholm

Welcome to our big night on February 8 at Berns Salonger, when we celebrate the relaunch of our magazine FORM and take on the big stage for our international PechaKucha Night.

Confirmed speakers so far: Arik Levy, Katrin Greiling, Filipe Balestra, Björan Kusoffsky, Thomas Sandell, Vesa Honkonen and more to come from Iceland, Poland, France and Sweden.
 Time: Bar and music starts from 19.30, PechaKucha starts at 20.20 and the party ends around midnight.
Place: Berns Salonger, Stora Salongen, Berzelii Park


Getting ready for Swedish Love Stories in Milan - Welcome Home

 There is still room for more exhibitors - we are working hard with the preparations!

Date: 12-17 April 2011
Venue: Superstudio Píu, Zona Tortona, Milan.
Location Details: Daylight nr 24, 900 sqaure metres in the Temporary New Museum
Exhibition Segments: Welcome Home, focus on West Götaland + VIP-lounge, Kitchen and Designers Garden.
Estimated Number of Visitors: 120,000
Lead Partner: Svensk Form
Project Leader: Caroline Heiroth
Concept & Design: No Picnic (Overall Concept) + Ulf Linder Västra Götalandsregionen.
Total budget: 3 million SEK including state funding.
 No PicNic has created a Swedish red Barn, hanging from the ceiling and a nature topography to host exhibitors, visitors and products -- WELCOME HOME

Drop us a line for further information.
Caroline Heiroth, Project Leader, caline@arketyp.se, +46 76 867 51 11
Ewa Kumlin, MD Svensk Form and Lead Partner, ewa.kumlin@svenskform.se, +46 73 66 366 76
Annika Björkman, International Coordinator, Svensk Form, annika.bjorkman@svenskform.se +46 76 205 37 18

New Form on its way

Today is very exciting, when we will see the new layout of Form, which will be launched on February 8th. Our graphic designer Cecilia Lindgren has been working day and night, and so has Daniel Golling our editor, but we are well our way. Can't wait to share it with you all in February.

Cecilia and Daniel Golling working hard to create new Form 

Katrin Greiling - our answer to Anne Leibovitz - photographs the editors for the magazine - can't share the result with you just yet. Thank you Katrin, I like your pose.

Finally the brand of Svensk Form is patented

Congratulations! It has taken some few years, but now finally our brand SVENSK FORM is patented and protected, thanks to tremendous efforts and work by our wonderful partner Brann, specialists on immaterial rights. Thank you all - especially to Omar!

Kajsa introducing Tora to Svensk Form

Kajsa Hernell, who was in charge of market and communication at Svensk For, struggled through the snow and paid a visit the other day to introduce her newborn daughter Tora (older brother Nils - good old Swedish names). Kajsa is incredible. When Tora was born a month ago, Kajsa entered the hospital at 9 o'clock in the morning, at 9.30 Tora was born and shortly after 10 Tora was presented on Facebook. We were very happy to see Kajsa again and to meet Tora of course. Come back soon!

 Emilia Hedman, myself, Kajsa and Tora, Anita Christiansen and Linnea Lindahl

onsdag 15 december 2010

Form goes west - and the editor goes too far

To my regret and disappointment Staffan Bengtsson used his last editorial in Form for some critical parting shots. He says goodbye after two years as our chief editor of Form, which has been produced by the publisher Arvinius during this period. Since Svensk Form now is entering into a new phase, focusing on internationalization for the next three years, we are also reforming our magazine Form. To strengthen the base, we are entering into a joint venture with the architecture and design magazine Forum. Further, we decided to take the production back into the house in a new company, jointly owned by Svensk Form and Provisa Sverige AB. The merger was an offer we couldn't resist, all in the interest of our members, trying to strengthen the quality even further and give more value to the readers. The editors Staffan Bengtsson and Jelena Zetterström have done a great job with Form during the past two years, giving it new life, struggling together with the publisher Marie Arvinius through the external economic crisis, and always producing an enthusiastic and creative product. We are indeed grateful for this. Thank you all. But red figures were increasing and time was ripe for a change. Changes often come about in times of crisis. When you are faced with hard realities, you need to focus and find out where to concentrate your efforts. As managing director of Svensk Form, I will also act as the publisher for Form, dealing mainly with the economy and marketing in order to ensure the interest of our members. Form will still be an independent journalistic magazine. New chief editor is Daniel Golling, formerly editor of Forum, bringing his qualities, contacts and knowledge from the Forum side. 1+1 = 3 is the idea and ambition.

It has not been easy for anyone of us, but we hope the change can result in new openings. On our side, together with the Board of Svensk Form, we have tried to facilitate this transition for Arvinius as much as we can under the circumstances, in order for them to continue as a vital player and book publisher within our common field of architecture and design.

tisdag 14 december 2010

Designing for our old age with Dignity

Dignity, Diversity, Flexibility were some of the key words coming up during our seminar at the Museum of Architecture yesterday on the theme on how to design for our old age. This as a part of the extended collaboration between Svensk Form and Arkitekturmuseet during this year, which has included two informal bar evenings at the museum with lectures and discussions around sustainable design and architecture, another topic was childrens' right to play and security in the public space (which was never realized) and the third leg was dealing with design for our old age, with the aim to create public seminars and hopefully a ground breaking exhibition - perhaps also suitable for international touring. We had invited a mix of architects, designers + private and public experts on old age care and issues, including a couple living in a well functioning senior living, the Foundation of the rental fund Pauvreux Honteux in Nockeby. Lots of initiated information and realization of the complexity and the many have-tos in the public regulation systems. What can be our role? Can we show visionary and creative solutions and scenarios outside the box and outside the regulations, filling the individual needs of diversity and flexibility, decreasing isolation and yet keep the same price levels? Next step a more practical work shop,  public seminars, and hopefully a ground breaking exhibition.

Alexander Lervik, designer, Lervik Design 
Amelia Adamo, publisher
Björn Karlsson, adviser on elderly issus for Ebab i Stockholm AB
Cecilia Jensfelt, architect (couldn't make it)
Emily Wheatley, designer Ergonomidesign
Eva Magnusson, architect Bo bra på äldre dar
Finn Petrén, EDD
Jerker Larsson, arkitekt, Larsson Arkitekter
Katarina Grundsell, Marge Arkitekter
Lennart Berg, VD Ebab i Stockholm AB
Martin Holmberg, Micasa
Peter Majanen, future forecaster, CEO Quattroporte
Staffan Holmlid, Santa Anna IT Research Institute
Staffan Tilly, Ebab i Stockholm AB
Steinar och Nanny Sundh, living in Stiftelsen Pauvre Honteux
Susanne Ramel, Marge Arkitekter
Sven Britton, medical doctor and politically active for old age living for (s)
Tomas Lagerwall, Hjälpmedelsinstitutet, public mission ”Bo bra på äldre dar’”
Finn Petrén, EDD
Per-Olof Sjö... to be completed

The seminar took place in the newly restored and fresh Green Room - formerly Olssons Hylla - and we were welcomed by the Director of Arkitekturmuseet Lena Rahould and her collaborators Monica Pourshahidi and Sandra Nolgren

Finn Petrén EDD and Staffan Tilly Ebab discussing design for all and accessibility aspects
Sandra Nolgren, Amelia Adamo and Eva Magnusson - the needs of the new mappie generation

Björn Karlsson and Staffan Holmlid - on human core values and quality of life
Amelia Adamo and Peter Majanen discussing the trends of the older consumers and the shift of the core values in society - learned a new word - individuation (level of maturity)

Steinar Sundh and Emily Wheatley, lively and engaged discussion
 P-O, Nanny Sundh, Eva Magnusson, Sandra Nolgren
Susanne Ramel, Steinar Sundh, Staffan Tilly
 Thomas Lagerwall, Stefan Holmlid, Lennart Berg, Katarina Grundsell, Monica Pourshahidi - how can we think and give examples out of the box?
The inspiring Green Room at Arkitekturmuseet

söndag 12 december 2010

Action plan needed to increase Swedish Design Export

It is high time for an action plan when it comes to increasing Swedish Design Export. At least it is a topic of great interest for many of us, and 40 guests came to join our breakfast meeting on Dec 9 at Svensk Form. The goal was to discuss how we can find a long term strategy to work on increased Swedish Design Export, and how to strengthen our international collaboration and exchange overall. I had invited our main public promotion authorities, cultural institutions, design organisations, companies and individual designers. We all agreed on the need, whether the target was increased export, nation branding, increasing image and awareness, diversity, exchange and internationalisation generally. I gave a brief talk on Svensk Form's new internationalisation strategy for the next three years, including the English edition of Form, and the exhibitions touring + the manifestations we hope to realize in Milan, Berlin, London in 2011 + New York and Tokyo in 2012. To really create a Svensk Form international, and a platform for design companies and designers, we really would need 6 million SEK over three years (not much if you compare to our Nordic neighbours, who are investing strongly in design promotion) Other speakers were Thomas Brühl from VisitSweden and their strong nation branding strategy which will be launched in full in the spring, including design, fashion and food as core values. Jens Söderblom representing our Minister of Trade Ewa Björling, also stressed her engagement in increasing export of design and fashion. Anders Hallersjö of Swedish Trade Council, also talked about how the Trade Council works with these export issues, but wanted a long term plan, not just singular events on an ad hoc basis. Maria Sandow from Svensk Handel, told about their work mainly with the fashion companies and the Sustainable Product Academy. Åsa Lundmark from the Swedish Institute talked about the Design & Fashion exhibitions where the Swedish Institute is involved as a part of promoting the image of contemporary Sweden abroad. Ellen Wettmark of The Cultural Council, stressed the importance of bringing international culture to Sweden, to increase the diversity and to stimulate the cultural development here. I do believe that it is important to include the cultural organisations and the Ministry of Culture in these connections too, since the cultural and conceptual aspects are just as important as the business aspects and they do go hand in hand. Anders Wisth, from the clusters of furniture producers of southern Sweden, gave an inspiring talk on local production, high quality and importance of common strategy. Lets hope this will finally happen! ACTION PLAN NEEDED

Jens Söderblom of the Ministry for Foreign Affairsm, Anna Sjöberg Svensk Form Botnia and Design Västerbotten, Anders Wisth Designregion Småland & Möbelriket

Anna Blomdahl, Design S, Elin Jakobsson Kulturrådet, Kristina Farwing, Swedese

Thomas Brühl VisitSweden, Erika Zinders Svensk Form

Elin Jakobsson Kulturrådet, Anders Wisth Möbelriket

Ulf Linder, White Architects and Anna-Stina Lindén-Ivarsson, journalist from Svensk Form Väst, are preparing for the special concept and exhibition in Superstudio Píu in Milan for Västra Götalandsregionen

Anders Hallersjö Swedish Trade Council, Caroline Heiroth project manager for our Milan manifestation in Superstudio in April 2011, Cecilia Nyberg in charge of Stockholm Furniture Fair and Kristina Farwing, Swedese - they all had a lot to discuss

We started the morning with breakfast and open get together, before the presentations began

As hostess, I took the liberty to start and tell what Svensk Form wants - 6 million SEK for three years to launch Svensk Form international - Anyone interested paying???

Listening audience, Ellen Wettmark from Statens Kulturråd in the foreground, stressing the need of internationalisation by diversity and bringing culture to Sweden and to collaborate internationally

 Thomas Brühl, talks about the big nation branding strategy that they will launch in spring 2011, including key elements such as food, design, fashion = Lifeseeing

Anders Hallersjö from Swedish Trade Council on the need of a long term strategy
Jens Söderblom, from Foreign Ministry, on the interest by his trade minister Ewa Björling in Design, Fashion and Creative Industries and how to incentivate the export in these fields

Maria Sandow, Svensk Handel, Swedish Trade organisation, on their work with fashion

Åsa Lundmark, Swedish Institute, on the nation branding policy and platform and the traveling exhibitions in design and fashion where the Swedish institute is involved

Anders Wisth, ended the day with a fire explosive talk on the furniture clusters of southern Sweden, on the projects, the many possibilities, the production staying in Sweden etc. Good energy!

onsdag 8 december 2010

PechaKucha in collaboration with Stockholms Arkitektförening

If only the speakers had been slightly more relaxed our PechaKucha would have been perfect. The nightclub was full, 250 people, topics really interesting and many new faces in the audience. Next time, when everyone is more used to the format, it will be great. This was our 25th PechaKucha, something to celebrate in itself. And now 10 cities around Sweden are running their own PechaKucha under the Svensk Form flag. Very popular, a good way to share ideas and creativity in the city, and to be together in an informal way, "for good thinking and drinking" as the founders Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein always say. To bring architecture and design together is just natural, as well as joining all other creators in an evening. Normally we do not do specific themes, but occasionally it is interesting.

The Speakers were
Marie-Louise Richards and Anna Duarte - Studio Urban Dialogue 
Mark Humphreys - Tengbom, showed his projects and on a personal level his own apartment.
Mårten Leringe - Berg, 
Carl Kärsten and Jonas Torsvall - Kit Architecture,
Rebecca Rubin and Charlotta Skog - White, 
Yuri Suzuki - Designer and Sound Artist, 
Annika Enqvist and Therese Kristiansson - The New Beauty Council, 
John Manoochehri - Architect and Sustainability Designer, 
Lena Anderson - Interior Designer, 
Max Zinnecker - Architect
Marie-Louise Richards and Anna Duarte encourages the participatory design process and individual marks, shops and entrepreneurship in areas such as Rinkeby and Tensta

Tengboms connecting chairs and Ulf Rollofs slide in the Swedish Pavillion in Shanghai, which received a gold medal for its creativity

British Architect Mark Humphreys living in Stockholm and working with Tengboms shows his own private apartment

Annika Enqvist and Therese Kristiansson of New Beauty Council in glitter and moustache, talking about the carnevalesk movements in art and architecture in the city, where the parades and physical body expresses the art and the ideas

Paper messages trown on the floor as they went along

Mårten Leringe from Berg showed how they have replanned and reworked the arrival terminal and garden around the harbour of Värtan, where passengers arrive on the big ships from Finland and the Baltic countries. They are led to walk in grids so they wont loose the way!
Big audience on the floor and standing - 250 guests

John Manoochehri, sustainable design and architecture, with his friends including our renting neigbour of Sustainable Technology Fund, André Heinz

Always happy to welcome our Svensk Form honorary ambassadors, journalists and sisters Hedvig Hedqvist and Rebecka Tarschys, with refreshing comments as always

 My old classmates from konstfack, dear Micke Agaton and Ann Backström
Architect/designer Peter Hallén talking to textile designer Gunila Axén 

Rebecca Ruin och Charlotta Skog making an incredible project investigating, documenting and analysing the life of and around 57 bridges in Stockholm and what they mean to our lives.

Japanese artist/designer in residence at IASPIS at present, Yuri Suzuki sharing his rediscovery of how to record individual records- new technology, but old renderings in individual adaptations and unique forms. Make our own soundtrack and our own individualized record.

John Manoochehri questioning if contemporary architectural education is relevant for the students of architecture of today, with the speed information and technology is moving.

 Lena Andersson, interior designer and living proof of Klein-Dytham architect's motto: Colour is free - use it? On our fear of using colour

Max Zinnecker - constructing a completely mathematical sculpture, playground, picnic-arena near my house on Gärdet, in Starrbäcksängen. Looks like lots of fun

Marie-Louise Richards and Anna Duarte - Studio Urban Dialogue 
Mark Humphreys - Tengbom, showed his projects and on a personal level his own apartment.
Mårten Leringe - Berg, 
Carl Kärsten and Jonas Torsvall - Kit Architecture,
Rebecca Rubin and Charlotta Skog - White, 
Yuri Suzuki - Designer and Sound Artist, 
Annika Enqvist and Therese Kristiansson - The New Beauty Council, 
John Manoochehri - Architect and Sustainability Designer, 
Lena Anderson - Interior Designer, 
Max Zinnecker - Architect