söndag 12 december 2010

Action plan needed to increase Swedish Design Export

It is high time for an action plan when it comes to increasing Swedish Design Export. At least it is a topic of great interest for many of us, and 40 guests came to join our breakfast meeting on Dec 9 at Svensk Form. The goal was to discuss how we can find a long term strategy to work on increased Swedish Design Export, and how to strengthen our international collaboration and exchange overall. I had invited our main public promotion authorities, cultural institutions, design organisations, companies and individual designers. We all agreed on the need, whether the target was increased export, nation branding, increasing image and awareness, diversity, exchange and internationalisation generally. I gave a brief talk on Svensk Form's new internationalisation strategy for the next three years, including the English edition of Form, and the exhibitions touring + the manifestations we hope to realize in Milan, Berlin, London in 2011 + New York and Tokyo in 2012. To really create a Svensk Form international, and a platform for design companies and designers, we really would need 6 million SEK over three years (not much if you compare to our Nordic neighbours, who are investing strongly in design promotion) Other speakers were Thomas Brühl from VisitSweden and their strong nation branding strategy which will be launched in full in the spring, including design, fashion and food as core values. Jens Söderblom representing our Minister of Trade Ewa Björling, also stressed her engagement in increasing export of design and fashion. Anders Hallersjö of Swedish Trade Council, also talked about how the Trade Council works with these export issues, but wanted a long term plan, not just singular events on an ad hoc basis. Maria Sandow from Svensk Handel, told about their work mainly with the fashion companies and the Sustainable Product Academy. Åsa Lundmark from the Swedish Institute talked about the Design & Fashion exhibitions where the Swedish Institute is involved as a part of promoting the image of contemporary Sweden abroad. Ellen Wettmark of The Cultural Council, stressed the importance of bringing international culture to Sweden, to increase the diversity and to stimulate the cultural development here. I do believe that it is important to include the cultural organisations and the Ministry of Culture in these connections too, since the cultural and conceptual aspects are just as important as the business aspects and they do go hand in hand. Anders Wisth, from the clusters of furniture producers of southern Sweden, gave an inspiring talk on local production, high quality and importance of common strategy. Lets hope this will finally happen! ACTION PLAN NEEDED

Jens Söderblom of the Ministry for Foreign Affairsm, Anna Sjöberg Svensk Form Botnia and Design Västerbotten, Anders Wisth Designregion Småland & Möbelriket

Anna Blomdahl, Design S, Elin Jakobsson Kulturrådet, Kristina Farwing, Swedese

Thomas Brühl VisitSweden, Erika Zinders Svensk Form

Elin Jakobsson Kulturrådet, Anders Wisth Möbelriket

Ulf Linder, White Architects and Anna-Stina Lindén-Ivarsson, journalist from Svensk Form Väst, are preparing for the special concept and exhibition in Superstudio Píu in Milan for Västra Götalandsregionen

Anders Hallersjö Swedish Trade Council, Caroline Heiroth project manager for our Milan manifestation in Superstudio in April 2011, Cecilia Nyberg in charge of Stockholm Furniture Fair and Kristina Farwing, Swedese - they all had a lot to discuss

We started the morning with breakfast and open get together, before the presentations began

As hostess, I took the liberty to start and tell what Svensk Form wants - 6 million SEK for three years to launch Svensk Form international - Anyone interested paying???

Listening audience, Ellen Wettmark from Statens Kulturråd in the foreground, stressing the need of internationalisation by diversity and bringing culture to Sweden and to collaborate internationally

 Thomas Brühl, talks about the big nation branding strategy that they will launch in spring 2011, including key elements such as food, design, fashion = Lifeseeing

Anders Hallersjö from Swedish Trade Council on the need of a long term strategy
Jens Söderblom, from Foreign Ministry, on the interest by his trade minister Ewa Björling in Design, Fashion and Creative Industries and how to incentivate the export in these fields

Maria Sandow, Svensk Handel, Swedish Trade organisation, on their work with fashion

Åsa Lundmark, Swedish Institute, on the nation branding policy and platform and the traveling exhibitions in design and fashion where the Swedish institute is involved

Anders Wisth, ended the day with a fire explosive talk on the furniture clusters of southern Sweden, on the projects, the many possibilities, the production staying in Sweden etc. Good energy!

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