onsdag 15 december 2010

Form goes west - and the editor goes too far

To my regret and disappointment Staffan Bengtsson used his last editorial in Form for some critical parting shots. He says goodbye after two years as our chief editor of Form, which has been produced by the publisher Arvinius during this period. Since Svensk Form now is entering into a new phase, focusing on internationalization for the next three years, we are also reforming our magazine Form. To strengthen the base, we are entering into a joint venture with the architecture and design magazine Forum. Further, we decided to take the production back into the house in a new company, jointly owned by Svensk Form and Provisa Sverige AB. The merger was an offer we couldn't resist, all in the interest of our members, trying to strengthen the quality even further and give more value to the readers. The editors Staffan Bengtsson and Jelena Zetterström have done a great job with Form during the past two years, giving it new life, struggling together with the publisher Marie Arvinius through the external economic crisis, and always producing an enthusiastic and creative product. We are indeed grateful for this. Thank you all. But red figures were increasing and time was ripe for a change. Changes often come about in times of crisis. When you are faced with hard realities, you need to focus and find out where to concentrate your efforts. As managing director of Svensk Form, I will also act as the publisher for Form, dealing mainly with the economy and marketing in order to ensure the interest of our members. Form will still be an independent journalistic magazine. New chief editor is Daniel Golling, formerly editor of Forum, bringing his qualities, contacts and knowledge from the Forum side. 1+1 = 3 is the idea and ambition.

It has not been easy for anyone of us, but we hope the change can result in new openings. On our side, together with the Board of Svensk Form, we have tried to facilitate this transition for Arvinius as much as we can under the circumstances, in order for them to continue as a vital player and book publisher within our common field of architecture and design.

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