torsdag 2 december 2010

Swedish Love Stories in Milano 2011: Welcome Home

Took a trip over the day with Ryanair to Milan yesterday, for some urgent meetings to prepare for our big event in Milano in April 2011. Architect Ulf Linder from White Architects, representing the exhibition to be hosted Västra Götalandsregionen, Sebastian Sabouné from Nopicnic working with the overall concept of the Swedish Love Stories edition 2011, and Katrin Greiling, designer and architect, having worked with us in Tokyo for our earlier projects, and might join us later. We flew down, went to Superstudio, looked at our big beautiful Swedish Pavillion 900 square meters, met with Volvo Trucks and the Superstudio Group. Now we are ON!!!  Only money and content left!!! We are not so worried about content, lots of good design, more about the money as usual. Back to bed in Stockholm at 2.00

Sebastian Sabouné, Katrin Greiling and myself waiting in line at Skavsta for Ryanair

The Daylight Swedish Pavillion at Superstudio Píu 900 square meters - lots of possibilities

Yes!!! I discovered a water pipe, so you can actually connect to running water - which was a big problem last time. Now we are talking!
Ulf Linder, Sebastian, Ewa and Cristina Gmeiner from Volvo Trucks together with their Design Professor, who might join us in the Swedish Love Stories in some form

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