tisdag 30 november 2010

Happy Birtday: Svensk Form Väst 25 and Ted Hesselbom 50

Lots of celebration in Göteborg last night. Took the train from Stockholm, which was of course delayed, and I just arrived in the middle of the celebration at Röhsska museet of Svensk Form Väst 25 years. Our active and growing regional society of Svensk Form in the west. Beautiful Svensk Form cakes, sparkling wine and Ted dressed as a king of the evening. (He soon had to rush over to yet another celebration, turning 50 himself the following day) Too bad I came so late, I hardly had time to take photos. Anyway, I got to listen to some of the many speakers, invited to talk about the future of design från Västra Götaland for 3 minutes and one images each. A sort of mini mini pechakucha. Amazing how much message you can transmit in 3 minutes. I ended the line by congratulating our child from the 165-old-mother, and also telling about the news with Form and our internationalization strategy, where the first step is to bring Västra Götaland to Milan in April 2011. Some 250 guests came to celebrate and 20 new Svensk Form members signed in for the evening. Svensk Form's David Leidenborg and Lars Mossfeldt gave the background of Svensk Form and Svensk Form väst. Other
3 minute presenters were Linda Spåman (konstnär), Iréne Stewart Claesson (industridesigner VD LOTS), Otto von Busch (forskare HDK och konstnär), Ted Hesselbom (chef Röhsska museet) Maria Erixon (Nudie Jeans), Andreas Kittel (AD Happy F&B) Pia Aleborg (smyckeskonstnär och AD), Erik Nissen Johansen (Creative Director & Founder Stylt Trampoli), Stina Nilimaa Wickström,( senior designer Volvo) Ewa Kumlin (Svensk Form) etc

Cake celebration - Svensk Form Yellow

Maria Erixon Nudie Jeans 

Andreas Kittel Happy

Stina Nilimaa Wickström Senior Designer Volvo
Matilda the moderator
Pia Aleborg, jewellery designer

 Otto von Busch, researcher and artist believs that the craft might again conquer the future of Svensk Form Väst

I was happy to meet Lars Mossfeldt, architect and talking memories from childhood in Dalarna - our parents were close friends. Started to catch up on old friends in Dala-Järna and Björbo. 

20 new members this evening  - special price for the evening 250 SEK - Svensk Form Väst happy after the party from the left Jesper Larsson, Per Dahlström from the museum and

David Leidenborg and Jesper Larsson packs the leftover cakes to serve HDK the following day

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My sa...

Ville bara tipsa om en ny designtävling som nyss dragit igång. Vi söker svensk formgivare som vill få sina idéer gällande multifunktionella möbler/interiör tillverkade och sålda.
Låter det här intressant?
Se vår hemsida för mer info: www.plusfunction.com

Lisbeht sa...

Tack för 3 minuterstalet, lycka till i Milano!
Hälsningar fr Kulturens Bildningsverksamhet