måndag 22 november 2010

Magic opening night of new space by Angela Carvalho - consciencious design

Not just another product! After many years as a successful product designer, Angela Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro decided it was time for a change. A transformation and a shift to a more consciencious and sustainable design process. All transformations are painful, but she felt it was a necessary change to make in this time of challenges. So she transformed her space, to open up as a warm meeting place, where designers can come and rent an office space for a day, a week, a month, while working on special projects. A space where she will create discussions, seminars and events on important topics within design. She also transformed her own logo, out from her name Angela (messenger) Carvalho (a tree) and let a young aquarel artist make a softer logotype of a tree, far from her usual graphic design. She has a lot of good clients and enterprises, whom she wants to involve in her new way of working. Her building is located in the middle of the square by URCA, and she has a small port and a small park just outside. Her ambition is to transform both the port and the park through good design and involvement by the citizens. She has already engaged young artists, graphic designers and a gardener to identify what is already in the park, and trying to enchance its value in various ways. As a radical action, and a symbol of this shift, she planted a new tree in her invited her designer friends, made a warm and moving party. I am happy I was there to see all of this and will be interested to follow the progress. This is going on in many places, but quite new in Brazil-

Angela Carvalho and her meeting room - with the famous Golden grass, and plants that can be used as molds for various shapes.

Her new logotype is a soft aquarel tree- Carvalho means a tree - and indicates her new nature and sustainable approach

 12 new free office spaces for designers who wish to come and work and join the process
View from the windows over the "praca" the square and the mini port

The guests were served corn and pop corn from traditional street sellers

 Angela inviting the guests to sit outside in the public area, where she gave her speech of intentions, introducing the young designers and gardeners working with her, and also inviting the "mama of design" from Sao Paulo and founder of the magazine Arc Design Maria Elena, to plant the tree in the park (without public permission)

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