lördag 20 november 2010

High end jewellery - H.Stern, Antonio Bernardo and Fransesca Romana Diana

As Brazil is so rich in natural resources, minerals, stones (just learned that the expression or definition precious or semi-precious stones do not exist anymore - they all are precious!!) the production of jewellery is both very developed, successful an incentivated by various public investments. I have seen a lot of jewellery, both conceptual, experimental, recycled etc during this stay. Here are some of the largest and most sucessful internationally and on a high scale both as to cost and clients.

H.Stern, the star, has several boutiques in Brazil and abroad. A huge undertaking. This time we could take part of the special collection made together with the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, deriving from his architecture. Interesting - and expensive - the smallest piece around 5000 Reais - 22.000 SEK -. They also showed a beautiful series of a collection they had made with singer and artist Carlinhos
Brown. Outside Christmas decoration Tree of Life by young female designer, that we also happened to meet on the street together with designer Bernardo Senna.

 Jewellery series inspired by and executed in collaboration with Oscar Niemeyer, still going strong

Collaborator showing earring like a glittering string of hair


Antonio Bernardo, whom I had the pleasure to meet the first evening in Rio, together with his sister and co-worker Vera, works mainly in gold and silver, is also very linked to architecture in his award winning pieces, all with a twist, a change of proportion, delicacy in wearing for the body. Their clients are mostly people interested in the arts and culture, not only clients buying jewellery for investment.

In a room with the old chestdrawer from his fathers' shop of nails and carpentry, Antonio Bernardo has created a small showroom with his most conceptual and special pieces through the years. He is originally an engineer, endlessly and passionately playing with new forms and shapes

 Collaborator Christina showing us all his award winning pieces

Simple earrings, all ready to wear, with seamless lock

Franscesca Romana Diana, originally from Italy, has several shops in Brazil and internationally, working mainly with bijouteries, and just celebrated 6 years of her first shop in Leblon with the Rio society ladies present at the party. Very successful.

Owner and designer Fransesca Romana and friend Fritz d'Orey

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