onsdag 24 november 2010

Trend guru LiEdelkoort in town

Listened to Li Edelkoort at Berns yesterday, inspiring and interesting as always, forecasting the trends for 2012 in fashion, design and lifestyle. Intelligently and well researched, presented in her characteristic artistic way, almost like a performance, with music, double images and colour palettes. This time our mother earth was in focus. From a back-to-nature approach as well as dealing with all the disasters and challanges of today. This year we have had more large natural disasters than ever before: 400 so far. Anyway, she used this in a creative and artistic way, "to pick our mother earth's brain for creative solutions" and think of how to improve our lives, and our production systems, at least starting on a smaller scale. She advised companies to try to produce less, but better merchandise, and to aim towards bringing production back to our own countries. Lets start on a small scale, 10 % of the production, sustainable and local, and then we can increase this movement. Many of her prediction were to confirm what we feel and already know with our intuition. I also learned some new words: that we are becoming more MONO-MINDED, that we see more and more of ECO-TECHNO textiles (for example recycled polyester - see Issey Miyakes latest brand 1235, and thirdly, THE MOUNTAIN GIRL - the new look we will see more of in fashion. Li Edelkoort's love and engagement in Scandinavian crafts and culture is still strong, and I was happy to join for a special luncheon with her before she took of for London and more trendcasting. We could not take any photos during her presentation, but here is the audience and her Swedish agent since many years Paula Malm,

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