fredag 19 november 2010

Centro Cultural Justica Federal - Conference & Exhibition opening day

A happy mix of designers, bureaucrats and sponsors joined the opening of the three-day event Rio + Design 10 organized by the development office within the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Their dynamic undersecretary of development, Dulce Ângela Procópio de Carvalho and her team have worked very hard to realize this event, which they hope will develop and grow in size and importance with time. Some key designers, offices, galleries and stores around in Rio de Janeiro are taking part and opening their doors. A special designguide for Rio was launched and a small exhibition inside the government building where the conference took place. This year the theme was DESIGN PARA TODOS - Design for all - a suitable title for their choice to invite someone from Sweden. I was their "convidada internacional" - their international guest, and their hospitality has been amazing. The event was a wonderful brazilian blend of offical formality and total informality. I gave a short speech in my rusty portuguese about Swedish design and possibilities of exchange with Brazil, and took part in a round table discussion. Actually it was not really a discussion, we all gave short speeches, with different angles on design. The discussions took place later on an individual basis during the luncheon, exhibition etc. Also here the buzz words are INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY. Seems like the importance of the design process is slowly entering into other areas as well.

 fr l: Veronica d'Orey, Graphic designer, Claudio Freitas de Magalhaes, PUC Rio, Ricardo Leite graphic designer, who also made all the graphic work för the event

Last minute fixing, taping the carpets, for the opening
 Centro Cultural Justica Federal
 Axplock ur utställningen - alla unga designer:

Bernardo Senna Design

Linha caRIOca - with images from the icons of Rio, such as the famous pavements by BurleMarx etc

Symbols of Rio around the clock

 Mesa redonda: Guto Indio Da Costa, a convidada internacional Ewa Kumlin, Manoel Müller ABEDESIGN from Sao Paulo as moderator, Eduardo Rath Finger of BNDES and graphic designer Ricardo Leite, Crama Design Estratégico

Trying to talk about Swedish design in Portugese and very limited time

Many jewellery designers involved in the Rio Design - not so strange considering the amount of minerals and stones to be found in Brazil, amazing kinds and qualities. Regina Machaco gave an interesting and passionate lecture on the many variations and adaptations

Official Photo: Manoel Müller, Eduardo Rath Finger, Dulce Ângela Procópio de Carvalho, a convidada internacional, Ricardo Leite, Guto Indio da Costa

My niece in Rio, graphic designer Veronica d'Orey with designer friend Luiza Marcier + one from Rio

 In the middle designer Bernardo Senna in contact with Swedish Companies such as Maze and Offecct
Beautiful carpented chair by Fernando Mendes de Almeida & Roberto Hirth Mendes-Hirth Design.

Another professor from the Design school PUC, who had shown Swedish Design in Rio in the 70-s - Innovator - 

Suddenly I discovered my old editor for FORM, Lotta Jonsson in an interview from the Brazilian exhibition in Milan during the big furniture fair last year. Hi Lata! 

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