tisdag 16 november 2010

Hello Rio! Rio + design 2010

View from my hotel room in Rio de Janeiro 

Just arrived in Rio de Janeiro, already feeling the informal atmosphere directly at the airport. The passport policeman, dressed in a red t-shirt marked NEW YORK, cool neck lace and a night-old beard smiled and wished me a good time. And I am really spoiled. The design coordinator from the Municipality of Rio and of the event Rio + design 2010 www.riomaisdesign.com.br  Luiz Antonio Barros met me at the airport together with driver Jorge, who will take care of me during these days in Rio. Right now in the hotel room, resting and preparing my speech for tomorrow and working with issues in Sweden. Nice office, look at the view from my hotel window here at Leblon beech of Rio.  (Started to write my blog in English, since we are taking the international step and keeping in touch with our international friends as well). Program starts tonite.

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