lördag 20 november 2010

Creative meeting at MAM - Museum of Modern art in Rio

ALEGRIA - happiness or joy, is the most important characteristic of Brazilian Design, says the owner Tulio Mariante of Loja Novo Desenho, The only shop with only Brazilian contemporary design object is located in the Museum of Modern art in Rio. We went for an unforgettable visit there, while he and his co-owner Christina showed all the unique pieces, telling about the characteristics of Brazilian contemporary design as the individual designers were entering the shop, all starting to participate in a fruitful discussion on how to develop Brazilian design, exchange with Sweden and Europe etc. There is clearly a very dynamic moment and uprising strength and confidence within the Brazilian design community. Their unique and fantastic own materials, the small scale production, the craftsmenship that still exists for small series - and growing interest for social engaged design and environmental concerns. More challenges however when it comes to technological delvelopment, industrial production costs and willingness to invest in local production - transportation costs are also an issue. However, the unmistakable energy, optimism are bound to have effect for the future. Later on came the famous design journalist and founder of magazine Arc Design Maria Helena Estrada, the "mama" of Brazilian design as well as Humberto Campana, one of the brothers of the internationally famous Campana Brother. A true meeting place for design in Rio.

Photos to come soon, and more reports from Match Making between designers and industry on day 3 of Rio Design + magic night with opening of Angela Carvalhos transformed studio Design Consciente.




 Laser cut nature shapes in wood by Ana Paulo Castro

Mama of Design in Brazil, founder of magazine Arc Design, Maria Helena Estrada and shop owner and designer Tulio Mariante

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