onsdag 24 november 2010

Kick-off for the new advisory board for cultural and creative enterprises

So now they have met for the first time - the new advisory board for cultural and creative enterprises - as we could read from a press release from the government, with the Ministers for Trade and Culture present, Maud Olofsson and Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth. They were already appointed in June, as I have informed before, but it will be interesting to see how the work proceeds, the initiative is good, and there have been many preparatory meetings.

Chairman is again Sven-Olof Bodenfors and the other members are: 

Anna Carrfors Bråkenhielm, Passion for Business
Stina Lindholm, formgivare, Gotland,
Bea Szenfeld, modeskapare, Stockholm
Birgitta Svendén, VD Kungliga Operan, Sthlm
David Eriksson, VD North Kingdom
Dominic Power, Professor Uppsala Universitet
Lotta Lekvall, VD Nätverkstan Göteborg
Mattias Wikner, Wikners i Persåsen
Martin Q Larsson, tonsättare och musiker
Rasoul Nejadmehr, musiker, Dr i filosofi

As a part of the larger action plan for creative and cultural (total 73 million SEK in 4 years),  Innovation and Design is one section, concerning our target groups directly, which has already been launched. The first part concerned IT, design and sustainable development (Var dags IT - IT-demonstratorer 2010. Innovation och design med inriktning mot miljö och hållbarhet) Small and medium sized companies could apply for projects on Vinnova's homepage during four weeks (closed last week) for a total of 17 million SEK. Next year the focus is planned to stimulate young design.The aim is that small design companies should be able to develop their survival and profitability, since this sector is very important for the development and growth in our society. Big plans, small money, bit still a step forward, and good initiative.

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