tisdag 14 december 2010

Designing for our old age with Dignity

Dignity, Diversity, Flexibility were some of the key words coming up during our seminar at the Museum of Architecture yesterday on the theme on how to design for our old age. This as a part of the extended collaboration between Svensk Form and Arkitekturmuseet during this year, which has included two informal bar evenings at the museum with lectures and discussions around sustainable design and architecture, another topic was childrens' right to play and security in the public space (which was never realized) and the third leg was dealing with design for our old age, with the aim to create public seminars and hopefully a ground breaking exhibition - perhaps also suitable for international touring. We had invited a mix of architects, designers + private and public experts on old age care and issues, including a couple living in a well functioning senior living, the Foundation of the rental fund Pauvreux Honteux in Nockeby. Lots of initiated information and realization of the complexity and the many have-tos in the public regulation systems. What can be our role? Can we show visionary and creative solutions and scenarios outside the box and outside the regulations, filling the individual needs of diversity and flexibility, decreasing isolation and yet keep the same price levels? Next step a more practical work shop,  public seminars, and hopefully a ground breaking exhibition.

Alexander Lervik, designer, Lervik Design 
Amelia Adamo, publisher
Björn Karlsson, adviser on elderly issus for Ebab i Stockholm AB
Cecilia Jensfelt, architect (couldn't make it)
Emily Wheatley, designer Ergonomidesign
Eva Magnusson, architect Bo bra på äldre dar
Finn Petrén, EDD
Jerker Larsson, arkitekt, Larsson Arkitekter
Katarina Grundsell, Marge Arkitekter
Lennart Berg, VD Ebab i Stockholm AB
Martin Holmberg, Micasa
Peter Majanen, future forecaster, CEO Quattroporte
Staffan Holmlid, Santa Anna IT Research Institute
Staffan Tilly, Ebab i Stockholm AB
Steinar och Nanny Sundh, living in Stiftelsen Pauvre Honteux
Susanne Ramel, Marge Arkitekter
Sven Britton, medical doctor and politically active for old age living for (s)
Tomas Lagerwall, Hjälpmedelsinstitutet, public mission ”Bo bra på äldre dar’”
Finn Petrén, EDD
Per-Olof Sjö... to be completed

The seminar took place in the newly restored and fresh Green Room - formerly Olssons Hylla - and we were welcomed by the Director of Arkitekturmuseet Lena Rahould and her collaborators Monica Pourshahidi and Sandra Nolgren

Finn Petrén EDD and Staffan Tilly Ebab discussing design for all and accessibility aspects
Sandra Nolgren, Amelia Adamo and Eva Magnusson - the needs of the new mappie generation

Björn Karlsson and Staffan Holmlid - on human core values and quality of life
Amelia Adamo and Peter Majanen discussing the trends of the older consumers and the shift of the core values in society - learned a new word - individuation (level of maturity)

Steinar Sundh and Emily Wheatley, lively and engaged discussion
 P-O, Nanny Sundh, Eva Magnusson, Sandra Nolgren
Susanne Ramel, Steinar Sundh, Staffan Tilly
 Thomas Lagerwall, Stefan Holmlid, Lennart Berg, Katarina Grundsell, Monica Pourshahidi - how can we think and give examples out of the box?
The inspiring Green Room at Arkitekturmuseet

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