tisdag 21 december 2010

Getting ready for Swedish Love Stories in Milan - Welcome Home

 There is still room for more exhibitors - we are working hard with the preparations!

Date: 12-17 April 2011
Venue: Superstudio Píu, Zona Tortona, Milan.
Location Details: Daylight nr 24, 900 sqaure metres in the Temporary New Museum
Exhibition Segments: Welcome Home, focus on West Götaland + VIP-lounge, Kitchen and Designers Garden.
Estimated Number of Visitors: 120,000
Lead Partner: Svensk Form
Project Leader: Caroline Heiroth
Concept & Design: No Picnic (Overall Concept) + Ulf Linder Västra Götalandsregionen.
Total budget: 3 million SEK including state funding.
 No PicNic has created a Swedish red Barn, hanging from the ceiling and a nature topography to host exhibitors, visitors and products -- WELCOME HOME

Drop us a line for further information.
Caroline Heiroth, Project Leader, caline@arketyp.se, +46 76 867 51 11
Ewa Kumlin, MD Svensk Form and Lead Partner, ewa.kumlin@svenskform.se, +46 73 66 366 76
Annika Björkman, International Coordinator, Svensk Form, annika.bjorkman@svenskform.se +46 76 205 37 18

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