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PechaKucha # 28 i Stockholm fylld av material och naturpoesi

Trots den varma sommarkvällen, letade sig ett hundratal ner i mörka nattklubbskällaren på Berns för att lyssna till kvällens spännande talare och bläddra i senaste numret av Form. Slumpen gjorde att poesin och kärleken till naturen och materialen löpte som en röd tråd genom kvällen. Det blev också en tidstypisk resa mellan internationella influenser och nationaliteter. Vi for från industri i Tjeckien, till indisk byggteknik och unga italienska och tyska formgivare som vurmade för svenska nedfällda almar. Kvällen avslutades i en kulturellt möte i en koreansk-svensk bokstavsmix fylld av värme som inte lämnade någon oberörd. Talarna var Folkform, Karin Wiberg, Lies-Marie Hoffman, Carlotta Trevisan, Karin Frankenstein, Kyuhyung Cho.
En av våra finaste PechaKuchakvällar, om man nu överhuvudtaget kan jämföra dem, då de alla sinsemellan blir helt olika. Det här var vår 28:e omgång, och vi står ständigt i kontakt med grundarna i Tokyo, Klein-Dytham Architects, som också inom PechaKuchas nätverk nu gör en insamling Inspire Japan i samarbete med Architects For Humanity. Hittills har man samlat in 70.000 USD. Ge gärna ditt bidrag direkt!

Nowadays we always combine the launch of latest Form magazine issue with our PechaKucha nights at Berns in Stockholm. This night we started out by presenting our cover girls Folkform, and their passion for industrial production and inspiring glass making journey in Czech factories.  The result can be seen currently at Färgfabriken. This was our 28th PechaKucha, which turned out to become a really poetic night, with lots of love for nature and materials and a beautiful crosscultural mix. The evening ended by a unique presentation by young Korean graphic designer, Kyuhyung Cho who had created a series of new pictograph fonts, as images and letters at the same time, thus creating wonderful stories and images. This was his masters' work at Konstfack, where he gratuated this year and was awarded with three different scholarships. It was magic to experience live.

The founders of PechaKucha in Tokyo Klein-Dytham Architects, have started a fundraiser in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity for the restoration of the dammaged areas after the tsunami in Japan through the world wide network of  PechaKuchas  So far they have raised some 70.000 USD - Give your donation directly here! 

Folkform took us on an inspiring journey through Czech glass factories
Karin Wiberg, our engaged project manager of Ung8, opened our eyes to her own art work, now ready to be shown to a larger audience 
Sculptures by Karin Wiberg

Karin Wiberg showed her last images in silence - 20 seconds is plenty
This is a new hotel house unit made for Furilen on Gotland by architects JägnefeltMilton a natural continuation of their much-published houses on wheels for Norway, right now being presented at Louisiana

 Carl Jägnefält and Konrad Milton tell us about their experiments with moveable house units 
Germanborn Lies-Marie Hoffman tells us of her love for the Swedish elm trees and how she has included them in various projects 

Lies-Maries benches above can be seen right now at Nordic Light Hotel, and also in our touring ung8 exhibition

Italian designer Carlotta Trevisan, works at present at NoPicnic in Stockholm, and has also a love for the Swedish  Elm trees, and together with her Italian colleague Leo Salzedo at NoPicnic they prepared a set of playful swings for the Swedish Love Stories event in Milan in April. However somewhere in the end of the event, the green swing got lost. Now Carlotta wondered what happened to it.
Carlotta Trevisan and a drawing of her partner in crime Leo Salzedo

Can anyone tell what happened to the lost green swing?
Karin Frankenstein talked on the importance of Cow Dung, and how she has studied old building techniques in India and in Sweden, and with time has created her own unique material including paper and cow dung and others, which she shapes into her new objects, from collectors' clocks to mass production tiles.

At the end of the evening, Korean Graphic Designer Kyuhung Cho, was allowed to make an alternative PechaKucha, not following the exact format, since he had to demonstrate to us live, how to type up different variation of his self made pictograph fonts (his exam work at Konstfack) and how it left the boring meaning of direkt letters, into pictorial and symbolic images filled with associations, meaning and love

One of his three fonts, this one combined in colours and texts below

With his third font, based on Swedish flowers and nature, he typed out a love letter for his teacher Lea, which she had recieved from her deseased husband in earlier days. Kyu made her a wall paper of her love letter, so that she can always be surrounded by her husband's love.

In the end of the evening, the audience could type and print their own texts directly on Kyu's computer, which he gladly signed and gave away. I have my own version at home.

Design Professor Kerstin Wickman explains something amusing to Boris Vasic, Emilia Hedman and Australian researcher Mark Ian Jones
Australian researcher Mark Ian Jones met young designer Esther, just having arrived to Stockholm from Sydney - or was it Brisbane

Daniel Golling, Chief Editor Form togheter with CEO of VisitSweden Thomas Brühl and his friend Sebastian

Karin Wiberg in conversation with Karin Frankenstein, both speakers of the evening

Beautiful Ingmari and artist Peter Åström in conversation with architects Konrad Milton and Carl Jägnefelt

Emilia Hedman is in charge of the whole practical arrangements around PechaKucha at Svensk Form

Ann Backström to the right, with her sister-in-law Lea to the left, who is teaching at Konstfack, were the ones who introduced me to the graphic designer Kyuhyung Cho - I am so grateful for that! I fell immediately in love.

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