fredag 12 augusti 2011

Quick questions to design Professor and researcher Uta Brandes

Passade på tillfället vid designdagen att ställa några snabba frågor till ännu en designprofessor i Hamburg, Dr Uta Brandes, som är professor i designforskning och gender design.
Took the Hamburg opportunity to catch Professor Dr Uta Brandes for some quick questions. 
Professor Dr Uta Brandes, gender design and design research, Köln
Current project? I’m working on ”the desk project” we take photos of different professionals' office desks, in 12 countries, over 5 continents, to study what the objects tell about the individuals, their need to express themselves. We notice great variety in different business sectors in the different cultures, however when it comes to gender, the stereotypes come through in a striking way across cultures.
Current passion?  Perceiving and observing everyday life. How do people move, how do they handle objects. What moves people? I can’t stop observing, on holidays or at work. I guess you can call it a passion.
(I have a nice little film from Uta answering this question, with lively gestures, but it was too heavy for the blog,  I hope to resolve this tool soon)
Your next move? How can you transform all these observations above into smart design. What can we learn from this? How can we achieve sensitive design, allowing individual needs in combination with the befenit for the collective. Improve the design and accept peoples’ needs.
What is Swedish Design to you? The design group Front, I like their work.
Your greatest strength? Curiosity
Your greatest motivation? To try to convince people and make them enthusiastic for changes for the better.
Your greatest weakness? I’m too direct and overwhelming to some people. I guess my students either like me a lot or not at all. Nothing in between.

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