söndag 27 februari 2011

Swedish design goes London

Svensk design har inte visats i samlad form på länge i London. Det vill vi råda bot på, och i den ambitionen besökte jag på nytt några av aktörerna på plats i fredags. En härlig dag med strålande sol och inspirerande vårkänslor. Mode, design, livsstil generellt. Utmaningarna är stora om vi ska kunna synas och göra skillnad bland alla ca 400 evenemang som pågår samtidigt. Först kommer en modevecka, som precis övergår in i London Design Festival 17 - 23 september. Glädjande är att den svenska ambassaden och de svenska främjarmyndigheterna på plats är så aktiva, positiva och öppna för att erbjuda insatser och arenor. Med gemensamma krafter ska vi nog kunna åstadkomma något bra där nation branding, exportfrämjande och kulturutbyte kan mötas och stärka genomslagskraften. Som vanligt är utmaningarna att hålla hög kvalitet och framförhållning utan pengar.

The Finnish Pop up restaurant "Hel Yes" was the talk of the town last year during London Design Festival. There you could experience Finnish feeling, food, photo, design, music, and the restaurant was packed for the two weeks. What can Sweden do to make an impact, without extensive financial needs, but with enthusiasm, fantastic designers, companies and fashion brands ready to take on the big city of ideas in September? At least we know that we will show our young design talents in the exhibition ung8. We also know that our Swedish Ambassador to London, Ms Nicola Clase, is willing to open her residence for high quality promotion of Swedish design, fashion and food in collaboration with our friends in London. So the audience can meet Swedish fashion, food and form in various ways in September. I also would love to arrange so that the exhibition covering 40 years of 10-gruppen, could be shown in London in a suitable arena. 10-gruppen big in the 70's and big today. The political and social engagement of the 70s can meet the engagement of today, and the relations between England and Sweden when it comes to textile and patterns and their importance. I had the catalogue with me, and the idea was met by large enthusiasm.

London here we come

A greeting by British artist Antony Gormley mets you in the office of London Design Festival

William Knight of London Design Festival meets by their office on Frith Street W1D, where I arrived first in the sunny spring morning. William is willing to help us finding right arenas and will look into possibilities for the 10-gruppen exhibition. We plan to partner up with the Design Festival to be included in the overall guide for the festival week.

Inspiring meeting at the Swedish Embassy hosted by Carl Otto Werkelid, cultural counsellor, here holding up Form in English - thank you Carl Otto. Carl Otto and his collaborators Ann and Kristoffer, will help us with contacts and promotion and the events at the Swedish Embassy. Sara Karte from the Swedish Trade Council is working on a concept to help the export promotion for the established Swedish Furniture Companies in a special show case event at the embassy, aimed at British architects and buyers. With this positive response I feel that we can make a strong collaboration and impact. 

Peter Massey, in charge of the exhibition at 100 % Design in London - by far the biggest arena for b & b during the Design Festival - where all architects, buyers, journalists etc come. He had some new and interesting concepts for the upcoming fair, not yet to be revealed. Peter welcomes all Swedish Companies to exhibit at 100 % design, and we will be happy to collaborate. Our magazine Form will be present all over London this week, including 100 % design.

Piers Roberts of Designersblock in London, whom I have known for many years now from design events all over the world - we met first in Tokyo in the beginning of 2000 - welcomes at the head quarters of Designers' block on- 32, Cremer Street , E2 8HD - a trendy east district. Designers' block found a new good venue last year in London, where they will probably go this year again. We are thinking about showing ung8 in Designers' block to give the young designers a chance to meet others and to be part of the whole package, which a partnership with Designers' block can offer.
An old, beautiful and scruffy building, used to be Piers' home for 8 years, now their offices. A arty space, where many parties have been held over the years For example Swedish company Bolon had a party here a few years ago. 

Designersblocks' venue in Milan in April

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