söndag 10 juli 2011

Form uppmärksammad i bloggar

Många engelska och internationella bloggar har uppmärksammat Forms nya grafiska profil i positiv riktning, nu senast http://blog.eyemagazine.com/?p=6249 Eye Site, där engelske journalisten Alexander Ecob pekar på hur Form lyfter fram olika nordiska grafiska typsnitt.

Several intrnational blogs have noticed and praised Form:s new graphic profile, which of course makes us very happy. Our AD Cecilia Lindgren has done a very good job. Here is an excerpt from the Eye Site blog,  written by Alexander Ecob: The new magazine formed by the merger of Form and Forum (a Swedish design magazine and a Nordic architecture magazine respectively) wears its influences proudly. With a logo plucked out of 1905, body copy in a 1951 Swedish serif and guest Nordic typefaces in each issue, the new Form (art directed by Cecilia Lindgren) is a celebration of regional design and designers, writes Alexander Ecob.

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