torsdag 7 juli 2011

Swedish Design Goes London 15-25 september

For över till London häromdagen för pressfotografering i ambassadörsresidenset inför vår svenska höstsatsning under London Design Festival, där vi nu är officiell partner och lägger upp våra programpunkter efterhand. SWEDISH DESIGN GOES LONDON är huvudrubriken för hela satsningen, som är ett samarbete mellan Svenska institutet, Exportrådet och Ambassaden i London och Svensk Form. Satsningen är tredelad: ung8 som visas på Designer' Block, HEMMA: Swedish Design Goes London at the Residence, en utställning med företag och designer i ambassadörens residens, där vi också kommer att hålla LIBRARY TALKS, samtal i Forms regi om aktuella ämnen inom design och arkitektur riktade till branschen och initierade, samt FIKA och miniföreläsningar om svensk och brittisk design till allmänheten. Invigning på residenset startar redan den 15 september, och håller sedan öppet även för allmänheten på eftermiddagar och helger. Ung8 invigs den 21 september på Designers Block, och allt avslutas helgen 24-25 september. Just i dag är vår projektledare Annika Björman, tillsammans med arkitekten Horst Petri (som gjorde vår uppmärksammande gestaltning i Milano tillsammans med Victor Peters för No Picnics räkning) De ska kolla eluttag, upphängningsanordningar, ta mått osv för att se hur vi på smartast sätt ska klara av den sökta kontrasten med residensets 1700-talsarkitekture i utsökt och spänninsfyllt möte med den nya designen. Det kan bli hur bra som helst - vi bygger upp interna teman i lokalerna utifrån Eat, Meet, Mingle & Work. Engagemanget stort och lovande från alla håll, och jättebra PR-byrå redan med full fart i London.

HEMMA: Swedish Design Goes London at the residence  is the name of the design exhibition we are preparing to show in the Swedish Ambassador's residence in London on September 15-25, during London Design Festival. I popped over last week to assist a photo shoot with some of the design brands and objects that we will include in the show. The purpose is to invite the audience into a feeling of informal contemporary life style, where you can use and enjoy the various areas, such as Eat, Meet, Mingle & Work, which we will create as environments where the new design contrasts and is juxta positioned to the classic 18th-century architecture by the respectable architects Robert and James Adam. The photo shoot went very well with our efficient and clever PR agent Belinda Fisher and a really nice photographer. It made the work so smooth and positive togeheter with the staff from the Embassy. The feel good factor is there for sure. Im sure it will be a great event. Annika Björkman, our project manager from Svensk Form, flew over today together with architect Horst Petri, who helped us in Milan, to check out the local conditions further with their practical and creative minds on alert. All information on the project will be continually updated on

The Library, where we will refurnish, keep some, change some and add some new seating arrangement for our special Library Talks throughout the event.

Our charming PR woman Belinda Fisher of Friends & Co in London trying out a photo angle

Here we are working on finding a way to hang Mia Cullin's suttle room divider, with Belinda Fisher in charge of our PR and our photographer for the day James McDonald - see more of his works on 

Sushi luncheon in the grand dining room - Ann Nilsen from the cultural section of the Embassy, and Marlene Gibson-Skinner also of the embassy. It makes all the difference to have a good time while working hard.

Quite a challenge to relate to the 17th century architecture with our contemporary objects

Luciano Pasquariello polishes his exclusive and luxury loud speaker Shape Audio, inspired by organic natural forms, which can be purchased at a the affordable cost of approx 56.000 Pounds in the store. It will fill the residence with sound.

Here is the final PR image, which will symbolize our event in the London Design Festival calender and more. Behind Mia Cullin's felt room divider, from the left Sound Shape Audio loud speaker, 10-gruppen pillows, Skin pouf by Lisa Hilland produced by Svenskt Tenn. Zero's lamp by Karim Rashid. Café table by Claesson Koivisto Rune by Modus, brass candle holder by Folkform for Whyred.  About 10 companies and 5 individual designers are confirmed so far.

Graphically clear and nice image with Mia Cullin next to Zero's lamp, but it is hard to front Swedish Design with Karim Rashid as the first designer in focus.

Café tables by Claesson Koivisto Rune by Modus

Another great image shot, contrasting the style of the residence with the new Swedish design as in Folkform's brass candle holder for Whyred, and young Simon Klenell's revitalized clear crystal sculpture based on old techniques.

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