torsdag 7 april 2011

PechaKucha # 27 i Stockholm

Väldigt fin mix bland talarna på gårdagens PechaKucha, riktigt bra presentationer. Lite synd bara att det inte kom fler. Helt vårt fel, då vi inte haft möjlighet att lägga ner lika mycket tid som vanligt på inbjudningarna och vi fastställde talarlistan lite sent. Flera kan vi ta i repris. I alla fall fick ett 100-tal njuta av kvällens tankar och bilder. Talare var Max Wang, Hanna Nova Beatrice, Johan Presto, Dan Gordan, Anna Ranow, Olle Bergman, Maria Westerberg och Stefan Nilsson.

Really good mix of speakers at our 27th PechaKucha at Berns yesterday, and great presentations. Pity that we were so late with our speaker list and invitations this time. Despite this, and despite the lovely spring weather outside, some hundred people gathered to listen. We also got a link with a message from the founders of PechaKucha, Klein Dytham Architects, announcing the global PechaKucha day on April 16th for the victims and ther restoration of the housing for all the people left without in Japan. Please help and donate directly onto the official Pecha-kucha webb  Some 170 cities have signed up to join already and make PechaKuchas that day. I will be in Milan, but we will se if we can make some event inside our Swedish Love Stories exhibition for Japan.
Max Wang from Taipei, brings Swedish design and creativity to China and Taiwan - there are more designers than doctors in Sweden

Obsessed by cutlery, was the wonderful theme of Hanna Nova Beatrice's PechaKucha, old and new, something so important in our everyday life, something we actually stick into our mouth, and yet so overlooked. 
These childrens' cutlery ought to be forbidden, says Hanna, the kids can really hurt themselves on the ears of the cat for example
Hanna Nova Beatrice shares her fascination for cutlery
Johan Presto, active designer and writer and student on the island of Gotland, used his 6 minutes and 40 minutes to explain the philosophy of design, and design as reverted archeology. Human beings who are the only animals leaving objects behind us - what is left when we all are gone?
Sounds of Silence. Dan Gordan gave took a lovely walk through various design objects helping us to cope with the increasing sound pollution around us and the need for silent and private spaces in the most public places.
Olle Bergman used his humour as weapon as an agent with the right to kill the powerpoint media. On how we must learn to trust our own human capacity to deliver messages by ourselves in public. 

Young and talented Maria Westerberg has received a lot of attention for her T-shirt chair, handwoven from her friends' t-shirts, bearing all their stories with them. Maria will exhibit with us in Milan.

Trend spotter Stefan Nilsson, just came back from Iceland, and shared with us all the trolls and magic he met in the mythical country.
Helena Jönsson, Svid and Sentec from Luleå, myself as a X-mas tree and Maria Westerberg
Sanna Gebeyehu and Hanna Nova Beatrice
Emilia shows Åsa from Luleå how to run a PechaKucha
Folkform power - Anna Holmberg and Chandra Ahlsell
Sanna Gebeyehu and editor-in-chief of Form Daniel Golling
Designer Charlotte Ryberg  of Svensk Form Småland, with friend
Helena Jönsson, from Svid in Sentec Luleå, Åsa and Lena Alnheim from Svensk Form Norrbotten, ready to get started with their own PechaKucha in Luleå on May 25th
Design historian Kerstin Wickman surrounded by admirers
Göran Engström, Krister Kumlin and Madeleine Hatz in party mood
Perhaps one hundred came to join our 27th PechaKucha in the night club
Emilia Hedman, who runs the whole PechaKucha in Stockholm on behalf of Svensk Form. She is a hero. Here with one of the speakers of the evening Olle Bergman
Constant PechaKucha DJ Aia Jüdes turns her lovely back to us

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