måndag 10 januari 2011

Back in business again - Form, Stockholm Design Week, Milan coming up

I must say it is inspiring to be back at the office in full swing again. Seems like it is actually the first real day back after the holidays in general. The telephone starts ringing again, email is overflowing, everyone wants to make an appointment, the gym is full, everyone is on a diet and are having a "white month". January - the new start full of promise. We started off with our regular Monday meeting today at work, looking at the schedule and strategy for this year, and entering into our new era of concentration merely on internationalization and our relaunch of Form, magazine for Nordic Architecture and Design. Too bad that my camera packed up after all the cold winter shooting, so I couldn't share with you how fresh and energetic all looked today, with the sun beams coming into our library to help us along.

We hope you all can come to our big launch event at Berns Hotel & Restaurant on February 8th. We have a full scedule with seminar, PechaKucha and party into the night. Form is getting ready to go to the printer - sooooo exciting. Our editors are working day and night right now. Lots of work to do for The Stockholm Design week, with events daily. We are also speeding up for our big Swedish Pavillion at Superstudio in Milan. Good New Years' News is also that we received funds from the Söderbergs' Foundation to build up a new open source web site for contemporary Swedish Design. Lots to do, and several new people are entering into our office. I will present them to you soonest. Happy New and fruitful year to you all.
Spent the weekend covered by snow in our summer house - it has been a really white Christmas, but now they say we will loose the snow, and get back to melted grey streets again. We need the light.

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