tisdag 18 januari 2011

Svensk Form in full swing again

What an energy kick to see almost the whole Svensk Form team gathered at one meeting yesterday, when we started off the week to set the final plan for 2011. Including Form and the 6 publishing dates, followed by a launch and PechaKucha at Berns Stockholm the next day. First issue of new Form is now at the printers, and we can breath for a while, thinking of the next issues and plans for the continued production and distribution. Our internationalisation strategy has to be implemented, Milan, Berlin, London. Design S to Hamburg and Cyprus - and Malmö, Sundsvall and Umeå - as well as UNG now opening in Greenhouse on Feb 8, then Malmö and Cyprus so far confirmed. 17 Swedish Designers opens next Saturday in Las Vegas. Swedish Seeds continues to tour successfully around the world in the hands of the Swedish Institute. An overall lobby work goes on to influence decision makers, and to discuss with promotional authorities to join forces in the Swedish Design Export efforts - such as VisitSweden, Swedish Trade Council, Swedish Institute, Foreign Ministry, Cultural Ministry, Ministry of Enterprise, "Tillväxtverket", Vinnova, Kulturrådet.... many players, all with different agendas and missions. On our hand all the different design organizations. The challenge is to make us all join in and unite around some questions.

Here we are - except for Christine Carendi, Deputy Director and Caroline Heiroth, project manager Milan, both away for the day (and our secret computer expert always wanting to remain anonymous):

Monday morning planning meeting in our library - 16 colleagues present. 4 fully employed, all the other free lance. The yearly plan is taken and calender set.

From the left: Harrie Rademaekers, communication and PR expert supporting us in our overall internationalisation strategy, Richard Prime will build up our new open source open database over contemporary Swedish Design, Annika Björkman back again, now as our international coordinator. Lisa Blomdin takes care of our memberships and subscriptions. Christina Lund production manager of Form, formerly Forum and co-owner of our new company Mandelgren Magazine AB, Anita Christiansen our librarian and historical knowledge source, Daniel Golling chief editor of Form, Cecilia Lindgren AD Form, Boris Vasic editorial assistant, Anna Blomdahl project manager of Design S, 17 Swedish Designers and in charge of the touring of UNG, Emilia Hedman responsible for all of our webbs and for the marketing and communication. Sitting in front from the left are Rebecca Kalin, assisting our economy director Linnea Lindahl, now in the midst of closing the books for 2010


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