söndag 23 januari 2011

Formex - Glorious mix of old and new

Erkänner att jag brukar gruva mig för att gå på Formex. Jag får helt enkelt pryl-slag och blir övermätt efter en kort stund. Men det hör förstås till jobbet att se Formex. Dessutom finns det självklart mycket som är inspirerande, fantastiskt och gjort med nyskapande kreativitet och kvalitet som förtjänar både att ses och upplevas.  Igår var det dessutom inte alls så överfullt och trångt, utan jag kunde i lugn och ro gå runt och njuta av ett och annat och hann även med några jobbmöten. Glitter och glamour, återbruk och stilmix var några av de teman som lyftes fram. Jan Rundgren fick göra entrétorgets konceptinstallation igen på temat Glorious Mix - och anspelade på jet-set-stilen och mycket scenografi. Lagom mätt den här gången.

Glitter and glamour, mixed and matched were some of the themes brought out during this Formex fair in Stokholm. Old and worn are mixed with shine and jet set styling. Quite a bit of humour also, which is refreshing. Jan Rundgren is the creator behind this year's concept installation in the entrance square under the title Glorious Mix. Young Designers' Lounge told the story of The Glorious Life of the Maharadja, by talented Karin Robling. I walked around and found some new and old favorites, and also had time for some business meetings. Usually I get an overdose of visual impressions while walking around at Formex, but this time it was just right.


My absolute favourite at Formex: Wonderland - Lady, Rabbit, Bird - candleholders by young British Designer Stephen Johnson produced by Men at Work in collaboraton with Los Angeles based company Artecnica. Material: 100 % recycled aliminium covered with white lacquer fihish.

10-gruppen still going strong since 1970. Ingela Håkansson one of the founders presented some new patterns and told me of the many requests from a new group of very young consumers

Klässbols, always classic, met up with silver shine 

Tove Adman and her concrete objects have been around for a while, but I was struck by the poetry in her concrete table with the old croché-table cloth molded right into the surface of the table top and it works! Visually and practically.

Young happy brands joined in one stand and filled it with their joy and entrepreneurial spirit: Emmy Little with traditional items from Dalarna in new interpretation, Mrs Murphy, Lovika and ...

Rättvikskullor on a new scarf by Emmy Little

Nittsjö has taken up this 18th century pattern again in their production since a few years,

Progressive work by Frösö handtryck - a small textile hand printing company from the north
 Artists Lisbeth Malm (glas tops) and Björn Gimstedt (iron) makes useful tables and art pieces in one. Would like to come and join our PechaKucha one day to tell us more about their process
Anders Wisth from Möbelriket meets with Teresa Lundgren, succesful owner of Mateus - this time multitalented Synnove Mork has designed her stand at Formex. Anders Wisth had brought an exhibition with young design students from Möbelriket to show their best work at Formex. Anders and I took the opportunity to meet and talk about Milano, Berlin and other target cities for joint Swedish design events.

Jan Rundgrens concept exhibition, mixing old and new, glamour and glitter in Glorious Mix

Usually overwhelmed while stepping into Formex with the overflow of things, but this time it seemed calmer, more open and less crowded. 

Danish Normann renewal of old classics and some news below in cork and also the seemingly old fashioned ceramic bowls for the oven, where you have a practical opening to poor the juice from

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Louise Alvarsson sa...

Känns som att vi uppmärksammade lite samma på formexmässan. Kolla min hemsida: http://louisealvarsson.se. Jag fokuserade på temat glorious och vad det är för mig - kvalitet!

Managing Director / VD Svensk Form sa...

Kul - mera kommentarer kommer. Ska kolla din hemsida