tisdag 18 januari 2011

No Picnic makes the concept for Swedish Love Stories in Milano

No Picnic's new head quarters on Storgatan in Östermalm are absolutely amazing!! Too bad I cannot take any pictures yet, since it has to be ready first, but then we will really show it all to you. Lots of space for work, meetings, show room, party rooms. Great architecture and design. Sam Peters walks around with a coffee cup in his hand supervising the architects and workers, and looking pretty satisfied by now. Always a big undertaking. Anyway, we went to have a planning meeting for our Swedish Love Stories project for Milan 12-17 of April. No Picnic makes the overall concept - a Swedish red barn and the toptgraphy of the Western Coast - all to fit the nature, romance, materials and industry of Sweden. Young Sebastian Sabouné is the project coordinator and Victor Peters and Horst Petri are the architects. Good and constructive meeting. Now Caroline, our project manager, will go to Göteborg to follow up the Västra Götaland exhibition, the region that will be in focus this time around.

Outside No Picnic's door

Victor Peters and Horst Petri - the Architects, Annika Björkman our international coordinator at Svensk Form, Sebastian Sabouné, and Caroline Heiroth project manager for Swedish Love Stories Milan

Project coordinators Sebastian Sabouné and Caroline Heiroth

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