lördag 29 januari 2011

Olof Palme Award goes to Eyad El-Sarraj

Palestinske psykiatrikern, freds- och människorättsaktivisten Eyad El-Sarraj fick i går Olof Palmes pris 2010 "för sin oförtröttliga kamp för fönuft, försoning och fred i en region som präglas av våld, ockupation, förtryck och mänsklig misär"
Attended the award-ceremony of the 2010 Olof Palme award yesterday.  The ceremony took place in the House of Parliament, 2nd chamber, and was filled to the brim. Politicians, media, representatives from human rights organizations, art and culture. Prize winner Eyad El-Sarraj, pschycatrist and human rights activist from Palestine, couldn't come himself to receive the award, which instead was handed to his son by Listbet Palme. Shaking and eye opening discussions on the ongoing traumatic situation in Gaza. Here we cannot only talk about post-traumatic stress, but constantly ongoing stress, physical and mental. On all the populations, children and old. New generations, who will never forget.

 Chairman of the Olof Palme Memorial Fund Pierre Schori opened the ceremony, and Lisbet Palme quoted her husband Olof and remided us of his words before she handed over the price to the son of Eyad El-Sarraj. A worthy prize winner, who never gives up his struggle.

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