fredag 21 januari 2011

Hungry city visits Svensk Form

19 % av alla måltider intas i bilen i USA idag. En av många skrämmande fakta som presenteras av brittiska författaren och arkitekten Carolyn Steel, som just nu besöker Svensk Form och ger en introduktionsföreläsning för studenter från KTH Arkitekturhögskolan. John Manoochehri, som undervisar dem till vardags, har bjudit in henne. Hon har skrivit boken Hungry City om hur maten formar vårt urbana liv, och jag skulle önska att en större publik, varför inte TV, kunde intervjua henne. Sällan man hör en så välunderbyggd och djupgående historisk och samtida studie i ämnet, som är högaktuellt.

In the US 19 % of all meals are eaten in their cars - was one of the astonishing facts presented by British Architect, writer and researcher Carolyn Steel, who is just now at Svensk Form giving a lecture to the students of KTH Architectural School. She had been invited by their teacher John Manoocheri. She used to be a city and high rise building architect, but has for the past few years concentrated her efforts in studying the relationship between city and food and our urban life in the future. She has written the acclaimed book Hungry City and gained a lot of respect from both city planners, economists, researchers and architects. She is looking for a middle way, and not only the extremes and paradoxes. She dismisses the Urban farming trends and Vertical gardening which has been shown as solutions lately. Instead she takes us back in history, looking at the life quality factors, that brought people together. Thourough research and reliable studies builds up her theories - I am just to sorry I can't stay and join the discussion. Hope to listen to her again, she lives and works in london. 

 John Manoochehri and Carolyn Steel talking about food and the city

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