torsdag 27 januari 2011

Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2011

Stark betoning på realistiskt måleri i årets Vårsalong. Om det är tecken i tiden eller juryns urval är svårt att bedöma. Alltid lika roligt att gå runt och titta på denna årliga välkomnande och allomfattande salong. En folkfest. Tur eller otur, vi släntrade in väldigt sent, de flesta vernissagegästerna hade lämnat så vi missade stojet, men kunde i lugn och ro plöja igenom salarna. Får gå tillbaka för närmare titt, men nedan några intryck:

The open art salon at Liljevalchs Konsthall opens the doors to the public today. A yearly event, highly appreciated and visited by the public. A mix of professional artists and amateurs are selected every year by a special jury, in this Vårsalong. This year with an emphasis on realistic painting. Perhaps a sign of our time or just reflecting the jury's taste. The Liljevalchs art venue belogs to the City of Stockholm and opened in 1916, situated in Djugården. 

Political embroidery, in large scale in the big salon - worth going closer

Morgan Stenman - some striking poetic works in the show

Amazing wood carvings - known from Konstslöjdsalongen

Karin Auran Frankenstein with her chair of paper, straw and cow's poo

 Peder Gowenius was shocked by the distance to reality and distance from Christ in the contemporary Vatikan world and created this complete installation of this universe

Our king and his Silvia having breakfast by Sigrid Nathort-Windahl

Skinny dipping in ice - a staggering video

Bea Seinfelds paper wears

Plastic cup chandelier

Max-Jenny Forslund -recycled pet bottle capes

Anders Sunna - magic same paintings

Emelie Berglund - better together than loosing forever

Tired of domestic perfection - Bergman of our times

Crochet arm

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