torsdag 13 januari 2011

Mandelgren Magazine Meeting

Increased distribution, in Sweden and abroad, more subscribers, marketing strategy and improved economy are the main challenges for the newly created publishing company Mandelgren Magazine AB, that Svensk Form has started together with Provisa, the former publisher of Forum. Of course we can't help but discuss content and direction of the magazine Form itself as well, since we all share the passion for it, but this is mainly a question for the independent editors and the editorial council that we are also creating. The other day we had our very first meeting, and we are all so involved, that the meeting went on for several hours full of enthusiasm, new plans and ideas.  I even forgot to take out my camera to share a photo with you of our new board:  We are lucky to have a Chairman, coming directly with knowledge from the publishing world Anders Malmsten - Bonnier International Magazines. From our Partner Provisa's side Staffan and Christina Lund, and from Svensk Form our board memeber Lotta Lundén, economist and experienced board member of several companies. Linnea Lindahl and I from Svensk Form office. The name Mandelgren simply comes from the founder of Svenska Slöjdföreningen, The Swedish Industrial Design Society (today Svensk Form) in 1845, Nils Månsson Mandelgren. He is also the man who founded a drawing school, which later resulted in Konstfack, the Royal University College of Craft and Design.

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